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The items below are for guidance only. All installations have so many variables, individually tailored estimates are advised.

Hourly rates

House rewires

Consumer unit upgrade

For smaller jobs, hourly rates will apply. For the first hour, or part hour, the cost will be £45. For subsequent hours, the rate will be £35 per hour or part thereof.
A call out fee isn't usually charged, with the exception of a job that I attend where I haven't had at least 24 hours notice of cancellation In this case a £45 charge will apply.

For a full rewire, a free quotation will be offered and that quote will depend on the size of property, specification of the installation and various factors including whether the property is occupied during the installation. Typical quotations will be around £3250-£3500 for a two bedroom terraced house.

Consumer unit upgrades will depend on the size of the installation, number of circuits and type of circuit breakers/RCDs, the requirement for surge protection device required. Typical quotations will be between £400 and £550.