Let there be light: and there was light.

The LED revolution has taken hold in The Vatican, with the planning for a new lighting system for St Peter’s Basilica entering its final stages. According to Business Wire, Osram GmbH are to supply 700 luminaires using more than 100,000 individual LEDs. The illumination of the dome will be up to ten times brighter than before, and will eliminate drop shadows on the circular inscription carved into the wall below the cornices. The lighting levels can be changed depending on circumstances, such as live TV transmission.

As well as significantly improving the visuals, and allowing artwork mostly hidden over the years to be viewed in all its glory, the LED lighting will reduce the power usage by around 85% compared to the old lighting. Visitors should be able to feel the full benefit from around Christmas 2018.

LED lighting is incredibly flexible, and allows the mood of a room to be easily changed, with the warmth and even the colour of the lighting to be changed, as well as the brightness.

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