Covid-19 work availability

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, I have felt it right to reduce my workload to that of emergency working only. I will only be carrying out responsive work, which if not carried out could be dangerous, or negatively impact the health, both physically and mentally, of the client.

This does not include:

Planned works, such as rewiring, changing a consumer unit (unless there is a danger posed).

Changing light fittings.

Adding extra sockets.

Installing decorative lighting.

List is not complete, but merely examples.

This does include:

Investigating tripping fuses, circuit breakers and RCDs.

Failed lighting circuits.

Failed heating/hot water supplies.

Any signs of thermal damage such as scorching of cables/accessories or electrical burning smells.

Investigating buzzing sounds coming from switches and sockets.

Replacement of damaged accessories such as sockets or switches which potentially carry the risk of exposure to live parts.

List is not complete, but merely examples

If you’re unsure whether your need is something which will be classed as essential work then please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss further. I will endeavour to assist where I feel it is safe for myself as the electrician, and for you the client to carry out the works. I will insist on safe working practices taking place should I come round to your property for whatever reason. The wearing of various personal protective equipment will take place where necessary (don’t be surprised to see me in a mask!!!!) along with following government guidelines on distancing myself from others for the safety of both parties.

During our initial phone conversation, I will ask whether there is anyone living at, or currently in the property who has been showing symptoms of the virus, or is vulnerable should they be exposed to the virus.

I am not showing any symptoms at present, and have been following the guidelines, but should I start to show symptoms, I will cease work fully until the self isolation period has ended and I am well again.

So to recap, feel free to ring me about any work you wish to have done. If it’s urgent, I will come out to do it, taking all possible precautions in order to carry that out. If it’s not urgent, we can discuss what you may need in the future, and once the current crisis has calmed down, then it will be something to look forward to.

Best wishes to all my clients, and stay safe.